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STEM Education

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics contain the core functions of our past and are leading our future. Ace Kids Golf recognizes the impact of technology and how it is shaping our future. Through golf we are capable of creating fun activities which introduce these concepts to youth outdoors instead of a boring classroom.

Partnering with GCBAA Sticks for Kids Program, Ace Kids Golf was granted one of only of eight Apple I-Pads with STEM curriculum.  This curriculum was designed by the USGA and Chevron' s Eagles for Education Initiative.

Youth are introduced to Newtons Law, the science behind nature, the evolution of golf ball/club and more!

Through these activities participants learn about great inventors and are encouraged to experiment on their own time.

We also introduce youth to the pollination process of bees and butterflies through an initiative called "Tees for Bees".

Partnering with the Pollinator Posse, youth learn about local wildlife, the pollination process, and how easy it is to help the environment.

Tees for Bees goal is to pollinate open space areas at the golf course and turn them into thriving essential habitat for native bees and butterflies.

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